The facilitation of irregular migration has been primarily articulated as a violent, exploitative practice under the control of transnational crime in a fashion plagued with ahistorical, state-centered articulations of class, race and gender.

Against this backdrop, the 2017 edition of the smuggling workshop seeks to critically, collectively and empirically ground the theory and praxis of irregular migration facilitation. Held in the aftermath of the US executive orders and Brexit, and taking place on the US Mexico border in the context of anti-immigrant and xenophobic policies and practices, religious and ethnic bans, and increased calls for punitive migration enforcement amid continued migratory flows, this gathering seeks to create a space for active, organized and strategic reflection and action research on irregular migration and its controls.


Gabriella E. Sanchez
National Security Studies Institute

Luigi Achilli
Migration Policy Centre
European University Institute

Antje Missbach
School of Social Sciences
Monash University

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The University of Texas at El Paso

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Sheldon Zhang

San Diego State University


Julia O'Connell Davidson

University of Bristol


David J. Kyle

University of California Davis


Nicholas Natividad

New Mexico State University


Wendy Vogt

Indiana University- Purdue


Robert Barsky

Vanderbilt University


Neil Howard

University of Antwerp


Victoria Stone-Cadena

City University of New York




Ophelia Rivas

O’Odham VOICE against the WALL


Elijah Marrietta

O’Odham VOICE against the WALL


Alexandra Richard-Guay

European University Institute


Blanca Navarrete

Programa de Defensa e Incidencia Binacional


Caitlin Blanchfield

Columbia University


Dylan Corbett

Hope Border Institute


Fernando Loera

Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez


Carlos Zavala

Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez


Gilles Reckinger

Universität Innsbruck


Jared Van Ramshorst

Syracuse University


Nina Kolowatnik

Columbia University


Sine Plambech

Danish Institute for International Studies


Soledad Alvarez Velasco

King’s College London


Tekalign Ayalew Mengiste*

University of Stockholm


Lupe Flores

University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley


Jill Alpes

VU University of Amsterdam


Joseph Lelliott

University of Queensland


Kyunghee Kook

University of Nottingham


Luca Rainieri

Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies


Mjriam Abu Samra*

University of Oxford


Nassim Majidi*

Sciences Po's CERI, Wits University's ACMS


Nicola Mai

Kingston University London


Oscar Hernandez

Colegio de la Frontera Norte - Matamoros


Patrisia Macias-Rojas

University of Illinois at Chicago


Rebecca Powell

Monash University


Simona Ardovino

European Commission


Stephanie Maher

University of Washington


Wayne Palmer

Binus University Jakarta


Yaatsil Guevara Gonzalez

Universität Bielefeld



*Scholars impacted by the US issued Executive Order bans and EU immigration controls which prevented them from entering the United States to attend the workshop.

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