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08:30 - 9:00

Registration – UTEP Student Union: University Suite 312


Opening Remarks


Dr. Larry Valero | National Security Studies Institute


UTEP's Welcome
Dr. Diana Natalicio | President, University of Texas at El Paso


Statement on the Impact of the Executive Orders | Community Members


Looking back – moving forward: grounding the Theory and Praxis of Human Smuggling in a time of crisis.
Sheldon Zhang | University of Massachusetts Lowell


Coffee break


Session 1 – BANNED: Scholars Impacted by the Executive Orders and Migration Regulation and Enforcement


Nicholas Natividad - New Mexico State University

Tekalign Ayalew Mengiste* | University of Stockholm
Navigating through Crises: Transit Experiences of the Horn of African Migrants in Libya

Nassim Majidi*, Michael Collyer and Saagarika-Dadu Brown|Sciences Po's CERI, Wits University's ACMS; University of Sussex; Samuel Hall
Smuggling of Migrants to Canada

Miriam Abu Samra* and Luigi Achilli | University of Oxford and European University Institute
Beyond Smuggling: Palestinian Transnational Networks across Militarised Borders


Lunch Break: Acacia Room 102A


Session 2 – Migration Enforcement and Anti-smuggling/trafficking Policies: Responses and their Contradictions


David Kyle | University of California Davis

Luca Rainieri | Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies
Human Smuggling in Niger: State-Sponsored Protection Rackets and Contradictory Security Imperatives.

Gilles Reckinger | Universität Innsbruck
The European Border Regime as Facilitator of Exploitation? Ethnographic Research with Sub-Saharan Africans in Italy.

Patrisia Macias-Rojas |University of Illinois - Chicago
Border security and domestic policing: Anti-Smuggling Operations and the Criminal Prosecution of Citizens on the Arizona-Sonora Border.


Coffee Break


Session 3 – The "Unseen" Dynamics of Smuggling and Trafficking: Reframing Discourses


Wendy Vogt | Indiana University

(To be confirmed) Kyunghee Kook | University of Nottingham
The Precarious Journeys of North Korean refugees through underground smuggling networks.

Neil P. Howard |University of Antwerp
Are we really saving the children? On the anti-politics of anti-trafficking.

Soledad Alvarez | King’s College London
Historical, Socio-Economic, Political Dimensions of Coyoterismo along Ecuador- Colombia-Mexico.

Lupe Flores | University of Texas - Rio Grande Valley
Gendered Smuggling and the Reverberations of the Border Security Apparatus along the Río Grande.

18:00- 20:00

Reception: Peter and Margaret De Wetter Center; UTEP Campus



Session 4 – Regional Cooperation and International Approaches in Smuggling and Trafficking Policy.


Victoria Stone-Cadena | City University of New York

Simona Ardovino | European Commission
Is the current context in Europe a turning point for a new (combined) approach to human trafficking and migrant smuggling?

Claudia Tazreiter, Sharon Pickering and Rebecca Powell | Monash University 
Enhancing regional cooperation in responding to and preventing irregular migration in the South-East Asia region.

Alexandra Ricard-Guay and Anna Triandafyllidou | European University Institute
Is the current context in Europe a turning point for a new (combined) approach to human trafficking and migrant smuggling?


Coffee break


Session 5 - Between the everyday praxis and the legal construction of smuggling: brokers, shelters, transporters and courts


Robert Barsky | Vanderbilt University

Yaatsil Guevara | Universität Bielefeld
Microcosms of power: Smuggling and brokerage practices in the Casas de Migrantes within the Central American-U.S. migratory corridor.

Wayne Palmer and Antje Missbach | Binus University and Monash University
Making Exceptions for Transporters of Smuggling Operations: The case of Indonesia.

(To be confirmed) Lisa Akessön and Jill Alpes| VU University of Amsterdam
What is a legitimate mobility manager? Juxtaposing migration brokers with the EU state managed programs.


Lunch Break: Acacia Room 102A


PUBLIC EVENT: Rubin Center for the Arts, UTEP Campus

Ofelia Rivas and Elijah Marrietta– O’Odham VOICE against the WALL
Immigration Enforcement in the Tohono O'Odham Nation

Nina Kolowatnik and Caitlin Blanchfield | Columbia University
Re-assessing Surveillance: Documenting the Impact of Security Infrastructure in the Tohono O'odham Nation


Session 6 -- The Affective and the Intimate in Irregular Migration


Julia O'Connell-Davidson | University of Bristol

Jared van Ramshorts | Syracuse University
“La Migra, la Migra!” Emotional and Affective Spaces of humor in irregular migration and human smuggling from Central America

Nicola Mai | Kingston University
Understanding the sexual humanitarian bordering of migration and sex work through ethno-fictional filmmaking.

Sine Plambech | Danish Institute for International Studies
The Death of a Migrant: Smuggling, Trafficking and Gender across the Mediterranean.


A Night at the Movies: Debunking Human Smuggling and Trafficking Myths through Film Making. UTEP’s Rubin Center for the Arts

Screenings of Samira (27 min.) and Becky’s Story (27min.) Discussion with the filmmakers.

End of UTEP’s Events


*Multiple countries have issued security warnings against traveling to Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. The community has experienced violence and death, but it is also home to thousands of hardworking, resilient and strong people. As a presenter and/or chair, you are welcome to join us as we cross the border on foot to spend a morning with friends, colleagues and community members in solidarity. Be advised a valid visa and passport will be required to re-enter the United States.

08:00- 13:00

Day Trip to Ciudad Juarez to “La Rodadora” -- for participants only

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